FREE Performance Solution Templates

FREE Performance Solution Templates

Please refer to the below downloadable five new performance solutions templates, relating to:

  1. Box Gutters
  2. Eaves Gutters
  3. Valley Gutters
  4. Flat Roof’s
  5. Water System Pipe Sizing

The HCAA has issued these documents for use by competent personnel deemed by the local and state/territory based engineering community & regulations.

These templates are generic and pursuit to the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) require input by a suitably qualified personal.

The templates are by no way are a complete guidance document and are expected to be used by suitably qualified personal capable of understanding performance solutions as defined by the NCC.

Some example guidance has been added for the State of NSW, this is to be suitably adjusted as required and verified.

All data within this document is to be suitably verified by the suitably qualified person prior to use.

The HCAA provides no warranty, no guarantee, or the like to the accuracy, validity or appropriateness of this data to your situation.

Please be advised that you are using these documents at your own risk.


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