TAFE (NSW) Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design

Individuals considering a career in Hydraulic Engineering are encouraged to undertake a Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design conducted by an accredited training institution. TAFE (NSW) will be running the Diploma course from July 2020. As of April 2020, it is the understanding of the HCAA that this is the only RTO that will be offering the course. 

Click here to view course duration and fee structure information on the Australian Government MySkills website.

Click here to view the qualification details for the Diploma on the Australian Government Training website.

Contact TAFE NSW directly for specific information relating to course availability, start dates, cost, locations and enrollment.

Education Update - 28th April 2020

The HCAA continue to work on our collaboration between the HCAA and TAFE (NSW) to upgrade the resources required for the Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design. A summary of the progress to date is as follows:

Study Details

The courses that can be completed to become a Hydraulic Consultant include:

CPC40912          -            Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services

CPC50612          -            Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design 

Enrolment details for the July 2020 intake will be advised closer to the proposed July commencement date. A further update will be provided when these details are finalised.

Diploma Course Writers

Our writers continue to work through the Units to be produced. Paul Smit, Scott Harris, Darrell Iles and myself have continued to work on these resources. There are currently 17 Units completed and are undergoing the TAFE QA process. This leaves 16 yet to be completed. This is a little slower than our intended progress given the start of 2020 has included some pretty disruptive events, but we are working to get these completed and enlisting more help to complete the other Units. We do note, however, TAFE (NSW) have enough material to process for the course delivery in July 2020.

It is also looking like we will be gaining some help from Andrew Taylor for the Sewer Infrastructure Unit and Jim Burns for the Gas Units. We are in the process of outlining what needs to be done for these gentlemen so they can get started.


Many TAFE courses that are traditionally face-to-face have faced issues due to COVID-19. TAFE (NSW) are trying to accommodate these as best as they can be doing the following:

·       Using dial-in facilities where this is feasible.

·       Holding classes in a way where social distancing can be adhered to.

The good news for the Hydraulic Diploma is that it will be able to be run using dial-in platforms from July if social distancing requirements are still enforced. Once these are lifted, TAFE (NSW) will return to face-to-face learning for those students attending in Sydney.

Student Interest

We have had a lot of interest from students who are keen to start the Diploma. Many are keen to commence the Certificate IV given it is a pre-requisite for the Diploma. We currently have 17 interested in NSW and a further 12 from interstate. I am hoping this will increase as advertising escalates.


We have a number of members who have indicated that they would like to teach portions of the Diploma. We are still working with TAFE (NSW) on getting these people Qualified with the TAE. Please let us know if you are interested.

Cadetship Program

The HCAA Cadetship program has officially been launched. Detail of how to apply have been issued to:

·       HCAA members

·       HCAA LinkedIn Forum

·       TAFE (NSW) for distribution to their campuses.

·       Direct email to those who have already shown interest to the HCAA.

The cut-off date for the 1,000 word application is the 1st June. 3 x successful candidates will be chosen from the applications received.

If you have not yet seen the application information and would like a copy, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Specialist TAFE (NSW) Presenters

TAFE (NSW) have outlined that when the Diploma is running, they encourage specialist manufacturers, authorities and suppliers to come and talk to classes about their field. This can be beneficial to help supplement the Teachers knowledge with expert advice and feedback from industry. The attendance for Specialist Presenters will need to be arranged with TAFE (NSW) and the Teacher so that topics can be discussed to match what the students are learning in the class. The visit would typically include a presentation to the class followed by some Q&A sessions to help the students understand the product/system. This should take around 60 minutes of the lesson, but can be negotiated with the Teacher.

We have already had some interest from Studor and SWC Trade Waste officers. I am keeping a register of interested parties that will be provided to TAFE (NSW). If you are an Affiliate and are interested in presenting to a class in the future, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

Please note that this is not to be about Brands. The presentation should be purely technical in its content and focus on design principles.

Hydraulic Industry Promotion

The HCAA have also taken out a double page advert in a new careers magazine called Step in the Right Direction. This is being produced by News Corp Australia and is an annual magazine that will be distributed to all schools in NSW. A digital copy of the magazine will also be provided to the HCAA for our distribution. The digital copy will be available in early May and the hard copies will be printed and distributed in the next few months (pending COVID-19 requirements).

Further Interest

If you are interested in being involved in any of the areas outlined above and have not yet talked to me, please come and have a chat with me and I can help you out with any of the details.

Additional Education Resources

Continuing Education

There are many industry-related courses that can help you become a hydraulic engineer, or further develop your consulting skills. By continuing your education you will be adding to your skills set, thereby increasing your value as a consultant and your ability to increase your income.

Many of the educational programs you undertake will be eligible to have CPD points awarded upon successful completion. Please check with our CPD Officer prior to undertaking any continual education program.

Below are links to some relevant educational programs. The list is by no means exhaustive, and we welcome any suggestions for listing additional programs:

DRAINS Software Courses


HYENA Software Courses