Hydraulic Engineering

Individuals considering a career in Hydraulic Engineering are encouraged to undertake a Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design conducted by an accredited training institution.

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Contact TAFE NSW directly for specific information relating to course availability, start dates, cost, locations and enrollment.

Update from TAFE NSW - September 2016

The information below was provided to us by TAFE NSW in late 2016.

  • Course’s are offered on the Northern Sydney Institute website around October/November of the year prior to the Diploma being run as a “register your Interest” only. This is to comply with the commonwealth rules applying to VFH (Vet Fee Help) courses which the Diploma is now.
  • Details of the information sessions and contact details for the Head Teachers are included in the marketing details sent after registering. People interested should contact the Head Teachers for the latest information directly at St Leonards Campus, Jeff Andrew 9942 0774 and Peter Miles 9942 0775
  • The current (2016) cost of the Qualification is $23,830:00 and is on the NSW skills list identified as a targeted priority and will therefore receive government support. The eligibility rules were relaxed late in 2015 and most applicants are able to be supported with the targeted funding from the NSW government. The student contribution as a first qualification(as of 2016) is $7,240:00 and as a second qualification $8,150:00. Most enrolments for the diploma are from people who already hold a first qualification at Certificate III level and therefore(as of 2016) will be charged $8,150:00 less any RPL and or Auto credits for units held in existing qualifications that are contained in the diploma.
  • Prices will vary from year to year and the above figures are estimates only based on 2016 figures
  • Students can elect to either pay for their fees themselves or they can apply for a VFH loan.
  • There are four “units of Study” for the course. Each Unit of Study contains a number of units of “competence” and students are invoice separately for each of the units of study as they progress. Details of the units contained in the diploma can be obtained from the head teachers.
  • The course is usually completed over two years, four semesters, and some require two and a half years, five semesters, depending on the existing qualifications they hold.

Further information can be researched by prospective students on the following links:


Hydraulic Services Design Course Details

Course Title:    Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design
Qualification:    Diploma (AQF)
National Code:    CPC50612

Course Outline

This course is for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Hydraulic Services design. The course provides information about the design and installation of a a multitude of Plumbing Services and is recognised throughout Australia.

You will learn how to prepare designs, specifications and related documents for various plumbing pipework systems. The majority of which is now calculated using computer equipment and software. You will learn about quantity surveying, costing and commissioning plant and pipework. You will learn about the advisory services and liaison action connected with plumbing projects of any size.

When you finish the course, you should be able to run a modern plumbing services design business. You can also apply to join the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia.

Career Opportunities

Design and Documentation for Hydraulic Services Consultants.


When you complete this course you can also apply to do a university degree course in Building. You may get some credit in the degree course depending on the grades you have achieved in this course.

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisites for the Diploma course are:

  • Plumbing and Services (Hydraulic Services Design Stream) - CPC40909 Certifcate IV,

Or an equivalent qualification. It has already been agreed between the AHSCA (NSW) and TAFE (NSW) the following course is considered an "equivalent course":

  • Plumbing and Services (Operations Stream) - Certificate IV

Course Contents

This course is made up of different nationally approved modules/units. The availability of elective
modules varies from campus to campus. Please contact the campus for details.

Compulsory Units Modules/ Unit Names
BSBITU201A   Produce simple word processed documents 
BSBITU202A   Create and use simple spreadsheets      
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases   
BSBWRT401A       Write complex documents  
CPCCBC4012ARead and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCBC4034A Apply codes and standards to building trade and services contracting     
CPCPCM4003A  Produce 2-D architectural drawings using CAD software  
CPCPCM4004APrepare simple sketches and drawings
CPCPCM5000ADesign complex sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
CPCPCM5001A    Design complex cold water systems      
CPCPCM5002A  Design complex stormwater and roof drainage systems  
CPCPCM5003ADesign complex (non-solar) hot water systems   
CPCPDR4001A        Plan, size and lay out sanitary drainage systems
CPCPDR4002APlan, size and lay out stormwater drainage systems     
CPCPDR4003APlan, size and lay out domestic treatment plant disposal systems  
CPCPFS4004A       Design residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems 
CPCPFS5000ADesign fire-compliant hydraulic services  
CPCPFS5002ADesign fire hydrant and fire hose reel systems 
CPCPGS4001A       Plan, size and lay out consumer gas installations 
CPCPPS5000ADesign gas bulk storage systems
CPCPPS5001ADesign industrial gas systems
CPCPPS5002A   Design gas reticulation systems      
CPCPPS5003ADesign solar water heating systems
CPCPPS5004A  Conduct a water audit and identify water-saving initiatives     
CPCPPS5005A       Design grey water reuse systems in sewered areas
CPCPPS5006ADesign rainwater collection, storage, distribution and re-use systems  
CPCPPS5008ADesign trade waste pre-treatment systems
CPCPPS5010A        Design pump systems
CPCPPS5012ADesign siphonic stormwater drainage systems
CPCPSN4001APlan, size and lay out sanitary pipework and fixtures    
CPCPWT4001APlan, size and lay out hot and cold water services and systems 

Elective Units  

CPCPCM5004A  Design sewer systems      
CPCPFS5001ADesign fire sprinkler systems   
CPCPMS5000ADesign steam distribution systems 
CPCPMS5001ADesign air conditioning and ventilation systems
CPCPMS5002A       Design sound attenuated hydraulic services
CPCPMS5003A  Design hydronic heating and cooling systems 
CPCPPS5007ADesign irrigation systems 
CPCPPS5013ADesign vacuum sewerage systems
CPCPPS5014A  Locate and maintain piping systems      
CPCPPS5015AInspect plumbing and drainage systems  
CPCSUS5001ADevelop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability


Additional Education Resources

Continuing Education

There are many industry-related courses that can help you become a hydraulic engineer, or further develop your consulting skills. By continuing your education you will be adding to your skills set, thereby increasing your value as a consultant and your ability to increase your income.

Many of the educational programs you undertake will be eligible to have CPD points awarded upon successful completion. Please check with our CPD Officer prior to undertaking any continual education program.

Below are links to some relevant educational programs. The list is by no means exhaustive, and we welcome any suggestions for listing additional programs:

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