Why Hydraulics?

Hydraulic Services, and the design of plumbing services, help maintain a minimum level of public health standards throughout the developed world and it helps prevent the spread of disease.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has produced a document, Health Aspects of Plumbing, which “examines the microbiological, chemical, physical and financial risks associated with plumbing”. If minimum standards are not followed, there can be dramatic effects on worldwide health. The WHO estimates that approximately 3.1 million people die per year because they do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitary systems.

What is Hydraulic Services Consulting?

Just like builders need architectural plans to construct a building, Plumbers need a set of hydraulic drawings to ensure liquids go where they need to. Hydraulic Services consulting is the design and documentation of plumbing services including, but not limited to:

  • Sewer plumbing and drainage,
  • Grey water and black water treatment systems,
  • Stormwater plumbing and drainage,
  • Rainwater and stormwater reuse,
  • Hot, cold and warm water supply,
  • Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply,
  • Fire hydrants and fire hose reels
  • Medical gases
  • Fire Sprinkler systems

Hydraulic Services consultants work closely with Architects, Builders, Councils, Authorities, Developers and other engineering disciplines to put together all aspects of the built environment.

Once a design is prepared, it is coordinated with the other disciplines to ensure everything “fits” together within the building envelope.