Meet the HCAA Committee

We'd like to introduce you to the HCAA Committee members of 2020.




Nick Soden - President

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in the hydraulic industry in a variety of hydraulic design aspects. He has served on the committee since 2013 and is always looking at ways we can improve our industry.

He Started his career at 16 with the Master Plumbers Association NSW and spent several years as a plumber, before moving across into the consulting industry and completing a Diploma in Hydraulics with TAFE NSW around 15 years ago.


Paul Lind - President SA Chapter






David Stablina - Director

David is an Australian Hydraulics Discipline Leader at Stantec. 

He is proud to be a founding member on the committee of the HCAA and is encouraged that the initiatives being supported by this association are benefitting members and like-minded institutions all over the world. His role is to support the committee and ensure members and the interest of the Industry are represented first.


Derek Harris - Director

David Wood - Director






Rodney Ware - Education Manager

Rod is a Hydraulic Associate at Intrax Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd. 

In his role as the HCAA Education Manager, he has spent the last few years rallying to improve the education offering to the next generation of Hydraulic Engineers. Rod has been helping TAFE (NSW) get the Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design up and running again (it had not been offered since 2018) and has had a huge input on what is required in the Diploma course content, what is expected by industry and what is beneficial for the students.

This year, Rod has helped commence the HCAA Cadetship scheme, providing new Diploma Students who are entering the Hydraulic industry a helping hand financially and some additional support with design tools and knowledge from the industry. There are currently three cadetships in place and new cadetships will be offered each year.

Tom Wise - Canberra Manager






Martyne Preston - CPD Manager





Paul Angus - Membership Manager

Paul works for AECOM in the Sydney Office and is the Education Sector Lead for New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.

His training and educational journey began as an apprentice plumber and continued through further education and onto achieving a First Class Honours Degree in Building Services & Sustainable Engineering. 

He has been part of the HCAA committee since November 2016 and brings over 20 years experience in the industry to the team. He is truly passionate in his role in hydraulic services and regularly pays it forward within the industry through voluntary activities, providing mentorship and he also serves on the committee at the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE).


John Vrahimis - Secretary

John is a Hydraulic Engineer at Stantec and is the current secretary for the HCAA. He began working as a plumber in 2011, moving into Hydraulic consulting in 2017 and enjoys providing his time to serve and better the hydraulic design industry where ever he can assist.  





Emily Doughty - Administrator

Emily is the administrator behind keeping all HCAA members updated with industry news, standard updates and all things hydraulic. If you need any help or advice on your membership or just have a general question on the HCAA, Emily is your first point of contact.

In addition to maintaining and keeping the HCAA website current, Emily helps to organise the HCAA General Meetings (both face-to-face and online) from publishing events and online bookings to the technical elements of each meeting. She also coordinates and runs the fortnightly HCAA CPD lunchtime webinars, giving affiliate members the opportunity to engage with and present to members and giving members the opportunity to learn about topical subjects and earn regular CPD points.





Kate Jennings - Affiliate Committee Member

Kate is a Product Manager at ACO Pty Ltd.

In her work at ACO, Kate has worked with Hydraulic Consultants for a number of years. She is delighted to be an affiliate member of the HCAA committee to represent the interests of the associations affiliate members and help the association and industry flourish.


Alfie Quick - Secretary SA Chapter


Victor Gallo - SA Chapter Committee Member


Marie Beerbaum - SA Chapter Committee Member