Hydraulic and Fire Consultants that are part of the HCAA are:

  • Professionals who have had to submit their qualifications and experience to become a part of the HCAA, hence proving their knowledge of Hydraulic and Fire Services systems to a high level.

  • Required to maintain their education through a Continued Professional Development (CPD) program which ensures they are up to date on current design processes, products and technologies.

  • Able to contribute to the science and practice of the industry with a variety of knowledge and skills.

  • Required to provide Hydraulic and Fire Services in a professional and ethical way in accordance with the HCAA Code of Ethics and Code or Professional Practice.

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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

HCAA encourages its members to take industry appropriate training courses. CPD encompasses any training that helps an individual expand their knowledge, maintain up to date technical skills and progress their hydraulic consulting career. A list of past and present CPD events can be found on our events page.

Participation in CPD is required to maintain an HCAA full member status.

For more information on CPD please contact our CPD Coordinator via cpd@hcaa.org.au.