Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The HCAA encourages its members to take industry appropriate training courses in order to maintain up-to-date technical skills and knowledge of processes, technology and legislation.

Our members professional knowledge in continually advanced, such that they meet the changing needs and expectations of society and the construction industry. All points are awarded through our CPD Coordinator. You can receive points automatically following attendance at an HCAA CPD Event, or on request using the form found at the bottom of this page.

CPD Events

CPD events are held throughout the year. The events generally consist of a number of industry speakers who present information on a wide range of topics from new code requirements through to medical gases and fire protection. A full list of upcoming events can be found in the Events Calendar.

Additional information regarding CPD activities and points allocation can be found in the HCAA CPD Policy and Guidelines below.

CPD Objectives

The Association sets the following objectives for its active involvement in CPD:

  1. To provide a CPD scheme in line with Industry and Regulatory Standards.
  2. The preservation and enhancement of high standards of professional performance by its members throughout their career.
  3. The ensuring of currency in hydraulic services design knowledge by its members.
  4. The increase in individual hydraulic consulting capability as a contribution to national development.
  5. The provision of a formal structure in support of CPD activity by its members.
  6. Documentation of an acceptable level of CPD by its members.
  7. The formal recognition of members' achievements in CPD.
  8. Provide information on the availability of appropriate CPD opportunities for its members.
  9. The support of relevant CPD activities by the employers of professional hydraulic designers as part of employee’s normal duties.