HCAA Guidance Notes 

The below Guidance Notes were created in February 2022 and are draft versions. We welcome your comments and feedback to enquiries@hcaa.org.au.


Advisory Note for Clearouts, Inspection Openings and Access Panels - Volume 2

Advisory Note on Mechanical Split System Condensate - Volume 2

Advisory Note on Certification of Siphonic Drainage Systems - Volume 2

Advisory Note on Untrapped Waterwaste Systems - Volume 2

Advisory Note on Sewer Ejector Wells in Basements and The Use of Reflux Valves - Volume 1


Please be advised, these notes are the formal position of the HCAA regarding each given matter. These statements are provided in the public interest, and the HCAA may not have any specific jurisdiction on the related matter.

A responsible person or authority is expected to take relevant advice into consideration as appropriate to their given circumstance.