HCAA Hydraulic Diploma Cadetship

It is noted that the HCAA Cadetship program is currently on hold until future cohorts of students will ready for study. This is anticipated to be mid-2024. This page will be updated when the next intake of Cadets is expected.

What is the Cadetship Program?

The Hydraulic Consultants Association of Australasia (HCAA) will be offering a hydraulic cadetship to encourage and support students entering the Hydraulic Services industry in Australia and to foster and support the Hydraulics community by ensuring that there is a continual feed of young entrants into our industry. The HCAA will help to transfer knowledge and expertise from “old” to “new”.

Each student selected will be sponsored by the HCAA or one of our contributing Affiliates. The HCAA has committed to providing one Cadetship position each time the program is offered with any additional Cadetships offered dependent on additional Affiliate involvement.

Course Information

The Hydraulic Diploma is typically a 2.5-year commitment.

The average cost of the Diploma in Australia, without subsidies, is $27,030.

The NSW Government offers subsidies that can reduce the total cost to around $8,220 (this is a case-by-case cost depending on your personal circumstances. This can be personally checked via the this link).

This cost can be reduced to $0 in NSW if you are an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander student or have a disability.

Other states do not currently offer subsidies for students studying in NSW, you may wish to contact your local MP for more information.

What does the Cadet Receive?

A successful Cadet will receive the following from their sponsor:

  • A contribution of funds per year towards tuition costs. Total contribution for future schemes will be over 2.5 years (Diploma studies only) is the total sum is yet to be determined. This amount shall be paid to the Cadet even if the Cadet completes the Diploma in a shorter timeframe.
  • Automatic Student Membership with the HCAA. This is normally FREE, but there will be no need to apply for Student Membership.
  • When the Cadet has completed the Hydraulic Services Design Diploma, the first year of Associate Membership with the HCAA will be free of charge (normally $300) if the Cadet is working in a “recognised Hydraulic/Fire Consultants office” as per the HCAA membership rules.
  • A HCAA/Affiliate branded leather A4 compendium.
  • An engraved HCAA/Affiliate pen.
  • A hard copy of the current version of the Australian Pipe Friction Handbook.
  • Support from the HCAA committee, and its members, as required to encourage and direct the Cadet where required. This can include career and technical advice.
  • Any merchandise that may be provided by Affiliate sponsors for that particular Cadetship scheme.

Cadet Commitment and Timing

The Cadet shall commit to completing the Diploma course and obtaining the Diploma qualification within a period of 2.5 years. Any extension in time must be applied for in writing in by the Cadet with suitable explanation of why the extension is required. The study period may be extended at the discretion of the Committee.

Conditions of Receiving Cadetship benefits:

In order to receive all benefits outlined in this Cadetship program, the Cadet shall ensure they carry out the following:

  • The Cadet shall already have completed the pre-requisite entry requirements for the Diploma being the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services - Hydraulic Services Design pathway.
  • It is expected that the Cadet will complete the Diploma within a timeframe of 2.5 years.
  • Attend at least 80% of all classes during the Study period, assessed annually. If the HCAA is informed, by TAFE, that the Cadet is not attending, the payment of fees will be reviewed by the HCAA Committee.
  • Carry out all Study within the boundaries of the HCAA Code of Conduct.
  • Achieve a “Competent/Satisfactory” result for all Units that are attended and completed.
  • The Cadet shall not take any “leave” from the Diploma Study Period that exceeds more than 6 months.
  • The Cadet shall not receive Cadetship/Apprenticeship/Traineeship funding from any other source during their Study Period aside from applicable State government funding.

Should these conditions not be met by the Cadet, the HCAA reserves the right to review the funding as part of the Cadetship program.


All candidates for the HCAA Cadetship are required to provide a 1,000 word application (in PDF format) about why they should be considered for the Cadetship. The application should outline any previous history they have in the plumbing/construction industry and what they wish to achieve in the future after obtaining the Diploma. The applications shall be reviewed by the Education Manager and successful applicants verified by the HCAA Committee. The HCAA will select all successful Cadets. Successful candidates will be distributed to Affiliates as required.