Australian Vacuum Systems

Australian Vacuum Systems
Warriewood, NSW
Australian Vacuum Systems
6/5 Vuko Place
Warriewood, NSW, 2102

About Us

Australian Vacuum Systems (AVS) is a 100% Australian owned subsidiary of H.I.Fraser Group ( with offices in Sydney and Perth. For over 30 years in partnership with Evac ( H.I.Fraser has been successfully delivering and maintaining vacuum drainage systems to the Marine, Rail, Municipal and Commercial Building markets. AVS has been established out of an increased demand for vacuum systems in buildings and today provides a range of vacuum drainage and food waste collection solutions to commercial offices, supermarkets, data centres, universities, stadia, shopping centres, correctional facilities. We offer a complete range of services from design, engineering and commissioning of new installations to maintenance, trouble-shooting and through-life support of existing systems, ensuring the optimal performance of your assets. Having access to over 60 years of collective, world-wide experience in vacuum toilets and vacuum collection systems, we know how to make the collection of wastewater and condensates both environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.