Member Applications

To become a member you first need to choose the membership options that best suits you and / or your business. Then all you need to do it fill in to the form and payment. You will receive an email confirming your details and account user name.

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Why Become a Member of the HCAA

Being a member of a professional industry body helps add credibility to your business and gives you immediate access to a support network of peers that you might not otherwise have. The HCAA application process and continual professional development program ensures you or your company is recognised as a trained and skilled industry specialist, and our advocacy and lobbying efforts strive to achieve best practice within the industry. It is also important to take part in our education programs, seminars and conferences, as they enable you to expand your knowledge and build your network. The HCAA aims to represent the needs of all our members at all levels, and continue to promote our industry to the wider community.

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Minimum Membership Requirements

The Association shall be open to any person in the consulting hydraulic engineering profession involved in the design and documentation of building services hydraulics systems.

"Consulting Hydraulic Engineering Profession" shall mean anyone engaged by, or conducting business as, a professional hydraulics consultant and who is not:

  • Conducting business as a services installation contractor; or
  • Employed by, or having a financial interest in, a design organisation whose principals have financial holdings in a services installation contracting organisation

HCAA members are encouraged to take advantage of exclusive marketing and advertising opportunities, find out more about how to display your products, advertise or place an employment opportunity on our website.

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