All Valve Industries

All Valve Industries
Kurnell, NSW
All Valve Industries
2/18-28 Sir Joseph Banks Drive
Kurnell, NSW, 2231

Key Contacts

Stephen Morgan

About Us

All Valve Industries is an importer and distributor of valves and associated products in Australia. We have a reputation for supplying quality products, coupled with in-depth industry knowledge and efficient distribution of products throughout Australia.



Products include:

  • pressure reducing valves
  • pressure relief valves
  • thermostatic mixing valves
  • tempering valves
  • solar mixing valves
  • stainless steel enclosures for mixing valves
  • thermal balancing valves
  • manual double regualting valves 
  • automatic balancing valves
  • differential pressure control valves
  • RPZ backflow preventers
  • double check valves
  • dual check with atmospheric port
  • frost protection valves
  • auto air vents
  • flow switches
  • flow meters
  • dirt separators
  • deaerators
  • hydraulic separators
  • temperature gauges
  • pressure gauges
  • radiator valves
  • expansion vessels
  • automatic filling units
  • solenoid valves
  • Ball valves
  • check valves
  • gate valves
  • globe valves
  • strainers
  • foot valves
  • Cast iron duo checks
  • butterfly valves
  • flanged strainers
  • esilient seat gate valves
  • ball check valves,
  • vibration eliminators, 


Our Brands

  • Caleffi
  • Cimberio
  • Apollo
  • Conbraco
  • RDZ
  • AVK
  • Bermad
  • Paracchini
  • Polix
  • Murray

Product Brochures

Domestic Pressure Reducing Valve
HP pressure control valve, adjustable 100-600kPa
Commercial Pressure Reducing Valve
Adjustable 100-600kPa, easy dial type adjustment, male union ends
Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Watermarked and NSW Health Approved 15 & 20mm
Solar Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Watermark and NSW Health approved 15 - 25mm (100degC)
Stainless Steel Boxes
Overview of configurations for TMV and temp valves
Thermostatic Balancing Valve
Automatic balancing of hot water flow and return lines
Dual check with Atmospheric Port
Low Hazard backflow preventers mainly used on underground rainwater tanks
Air Vents
Automatically bleed air from a plumbing system
Dirt Separator w/magnet
Efficiently remove debris and metal particles from circulating closed loop systems